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You what, now?


After hearing Feels Like Summer, I thought I was going to hate Pacific Daydream and I didn’t, so we’ll see…


i… what?


honestly, this might be the worst song i’ve ever heard

even the JCB song is better than this


It’s the rare song that makes me feel embarrassed for liking other music.


Not sure what everyone’s been saying, but just in case this thread has forgotten, Maladroit is a good album.


it’s funny innit cos i get infuriated by people who are like ‘yeah right, everything after pinkerton is shit mate’ when i legit think maladroit is right up there with the first 2, BUT i would think anyone who tried to tell me anything post-Maladroit is good is an idiot, so i’m probably just as bad


Yeah, it’s kinda hard to call their watered down purple patch a few years ago anything special, what with the amount of post Maladroit guff they fed us.


Maladroit sounds alright but the lyrics are just meaningless fragments, ‘cheese smells so good on a burnt piece of lamb’


Hang on, that’s probably in his top 10 lyrics.


Funny you say that as I always remember this review and then when I listened to thought it is quite a sad song actually.

‘this dry little record is actually lovely, lonely and very sad.’


Interesting - I can see how it could read that way, but two things make me feel Rivers didn’t really intend it that way and that it’s not anything but generic pop lyrics.

  • Everything else is so generic.
  • It’s not just that the music isn’t sad, it’s that there’s no feeling in the music at all. I love it when there’s a song where the music itself isn’t necessarily definitively or noticeably sad or happy on its own, but then when combined with the lyrics it’s almost like a chemical reaction happens where a ton of emotion is somehow released (think Bird is Bored of Flying from Mastersystem this year or Here’s to the Atom Bomb from Machina 2). None of that is going on here, for me at least.


this is so shit

i really wish they would just fuck off, it;s almost like they;re wanting to ruin their legacy


I remember really liking EWBAITE (apart from the trilogy thing). Haven’t listened to it in a while tho.

Didn’t realise they’d released two more since then. Probably both rubbish, aren’t they?


The trilogy was the best bit


White album was good.


Half good


White Album is really good and better than ETWBAITE

Then they went shit again


Like wtf.

The 2nd dip in quality has been more severe than the first, at least that was somewhat gradual! I was legit excited to see what was next after ETWBAITE and White then Pacific Daydreamin happened and everything since then has indicated that they’ve completely fucking lost the plot again


White Album is still awful as well