This is why i cant take ur re-evaluation of Weezer seriously. Because you’re often wrong


Thought White Album was passable at best tbh

EWBAITE is the probably the only genuinely decent thing they’ve done since Maladroit tbh, though I’ve got a soft spot for about half of Red.


Dont reckon many people will disagree tbh


On here? No they won’t because DiS is full of people who like to stick to the common narrative. But the music community as a whole largely agree it’s their best since Maladroit


Low bar


But I also agree


Croatian mates


Once again it seems i need to clear things up. EWBAITE or whatever it’s called worked quite nicely until the trilogy and is their best album since Maladroit. The white album was slightly too close to make believe lyrically to be anything other than a slight drop after ewbaite but it was melodically decent. Pacific Daydream is a short album of songs and this Black album stuff is criminal


The music in that track is intentionally doldrumsy like how boring it would actually be to be on an island in the sun. It’s the same kind of themeatic repetition you get in granddaddy tracks about sad stranded robots.


Great song. ‘Whole Wide World’-esque wistfulness. Sorry you’re missing out.


Fuck me the Brixton tickets are ridiculously expensive:


Yeah that’s too expensive for me.

Ah well.


Won’t be surprised if tickets for this will be quite easy to pick up cheaply nearer the gig.

I’m going to wait it out and see if I get a ticket to Glasto in the resale. If not I’ll just leave it to the day. First London gig of their’s I’m not fussed about in 10+ years


I’ve bought tickets but notably, when they put on two gigs a couple of years back - one at Brixton and one in Manchester - all tickets went inside five minutes. £55 plus fees is a lot. They’d better at least be doing the two stage/multiple sets thing they’ve been doing in the States, for that money.


Just dropping in to say that the White Album is the second best Weezer album.


I’d say fourth. I do love it though.


Completely correct


Says more about the Grammys than the album:

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Is that Kenan?!