Probably makes millions off the licensing fee he gets off of bud light ads or whatever


Think the (slight) improvement in form is that there’s no market in pop music for a dumb pop punk band anymore so they’re like ehhhh… Fuck it, we might as well try to make a decent record rather than simply appeal to the lowest common denominator.


I dunno, I think there is some validity to that, he really exposes himself on Pinkerton and felt really uncomfortable about it afterwards, reckon that might have happened even if it had been received well, he over shared and is in forever cringe about it


Weezer are a bit like the Simpsons

Blue and Pinkerton - Seasons 1 to 9
Green/Maladroit - Seasons 10 -13
Make Believe onward - Zombie Simpsons

Every now and then you hear that the most recent season is kind of decent/a bit of a return to form and then you watch an episode and it’s actually rubbish


Never understood the hate for make believe, the singles are bad but that is the first time he had any feeling in his voice since the comeback, a lot better than the fragmented nonsense of maladroit


Mexican Fender blows.


i realise this is 8 years old but i’ve only just heard this for the first time and it’s hilarious


Monday to Sunday I hit all the clubs and now e’rybody know me when I pull up.
I got the real big posse with me, yeah I’m deep and if you lookin’ for me I’m in VIP.
Just follow the smoke; they’re bringing bottles of the Goose and all the girls in the corner getting loose.
Screw rehab I love my addiction. No sleep, no sleep, I am always on a mission cause.

  • Rivers Cuomo, 2009


The rest of the band look utterly ashamed


The gig at Edinburgh Corn Exchange on the Make Believe tour was one of the best I’ve ever been to. They were on great form. I’ve kept a bit of a soft spot for the album for that reason.


I think I reached my cut off on the last album, which ends with a 47 year old Rivers Cuomo singing on a song he co-wrote with other 40 year olds about “19 year olds” “staring at her chest” "headphones on the seat of her car"
I’m sure it’s some reflection on his time as a teenager…AGAIN, but dude…I think you need to stop doing this now


White Album was properly great. Arguably their first all-the-way-through good album since Green (which doesn’t compare to Blue, of course, but it’s packed with bangers and it gets in and out in under half an hour, wonderful).

Feels Like Summer was a turd but Mexican Fender is fucking great, but then i think that about almost all songs which use that same Generic Hair Metal Riff #3.

New music from Weezer and Brand New, what a time for fans who divide their fan base…


thread should be retitled to “Rolling Weezer Disappointment thread”



Turn it up, it’s the Beach Boys
Making my eyes get moist
Hold 'em up at gunpoint
Keep cranking them Beach Boys


Sweet Jesus


It’s OK though, I’m sure their next album will be a return to form…


Basically, it’s Blue, Pinkerton, Green, HARD PASS, Everything Will Be Allright in the End, White, HARD PASS, innit.


The Black Album is due out next year [and was meant to be the succesor to White] and is meant to be less SUNNY OH WOOO CALIFORNIA BEACHES. I don’t know where this album has come from. It appears to have rudely barged in and ruined the streak they were building [I like Everything Will Be Alright In The End and White okay!] but it seems to have brought out the really tacky songwriting they were known for in the dark ages.


you forgot to include Maladroit before your hard pass.


No I didn’t.