might be the sun and the four day weekend vibes, but this has got me in quite a state at my desk


Couldn’t be bothered to read 542 posts but imagine they all said blue and pinkerton are masterpieces and everything else can get in the bin.

On a side note, was anyone here a weezer boardie? I was. 2000-2005/6 forget when the first boards died. Riversisforevergod. I was 14 so no hating.


White and Everything Will Be Alright In The End are great too imho


Excellent albums. Gave them a listen yesterday. 20 years apart each from Blue / Pinkerton and they’re the 3rd and 4th best Weezer imo


Blue is 25 years old next week.


Are we having a party?


No, and you’re not allowed to throw one


My sis has bought me and her tickets to go see them in London as a surprise

Im kinda dreading it tbh, i mean i was only playing “My name is Jonas” on guitar while relaxing on the couch and shes like “That’s really really good, who is it?”

For the next week and a half she sends me links to the teal album and then tell me shes bought us tickets to the show

I mean she means well but im gonna have to sit down with her and go through a few things/ground rules


Awww shes just excited to have a common interest/bond is all
Thats really sweet. And they play a lot of their classic material so don’t dread and for fuck sake lad don’t lay down ground rules!


He must lay down the ground rules. She needs to know the truth.


If you have any love at all for the first 2 albums then you’re going to have a lovely time at a Weezer gig, no worries

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Blue came out 25 years ago today. Hands down my favourite album of all time…


I remember putting this on a cassette with ‘Dookie’ on the other side. Must have played it to death.


I saw them 2 years ago and tbf they’re still great live and still play the hits from first couple albums, aye you might have to sit through a few shiters but it will be worth it to get to the gold


Fan ep, it’s better than anything they’ve put out post pinkerton