No, I just checked; you did.


Blue, Pinkerton, White, Green, EWBAITE, Make Believe, 1/2 of Red Album, Bin, Bin.


This is really, really bad.


Maladroit sucked a big pile of nobcheese, and so does this.


I do really love Mexican Fender, though. Sucker for a hair metal riff, me


Me too, but as a shameless Weezer apologist (and I really loved the last two records), I’m not finding things too promising based on this and Feels Like Summer…


Without needing to present any caveats about how I rate various parts of their discography, I can say this with confidence, and I’m sure we can all agree:

Beach Boys is the worst song Weezer have ever released.


Worst song :thinking:

Nah, it’s close, but nah


I can’t find a link to it on YouTube but personally I think it’s Love is the Answer from Raditude.



Oooft good shout. I forgot about this song


I’ve been avoiding this thread because I’m the kind of mega fan who ranks unreleased songs and says stuff like ‘if you put Red together with Raditude bonus tracks you have one good album’ and there is no place for that on DiS.

The new songs are pretty perplexing following on from White. I don’t think they’re dreadful and quite like them but they don’t chime with the last two albums and Rivers’ interviews about the new record. Always one step forward one step back.

Weezer put out music often enough these days that I’m not that fussed if I only get half a good album everytime. Still really looking forward to seeing them TWICE next month.

Anyway enough chat. The definitive ranking is:

Make Believe

Alone and Alone II are better than any of the albums since Pinkerton and well worth listening to.


as if Green is the worst :smiley:






Make Believe




That is not how I grouped the albums before I hit reply :-:roll_eyes:


I listened to Raditude today before posting this and still think it’s quite a good pop album. Good songs on Raditude:

I Want You To
I’m Your Daddy
Girl Got Hot
Put Me Back Together
Tripping Down The Freeway
Let It All Hang Out
I Don’t Want To Let You Go
Run Over By A Truck
Prettiest Girl

Lyrical content of these songs, especially 2 and 3, are ghastly, but the songs are still really catchy.


There’s a few that are equally terrible, but this gets my vote because Rivers appears to absolutely love it and he needs to know that IS NOT OKAY.


Can’t say I’m a fan of Green either (the production is horribly saccharine), but the first three tracks push it ahead of some of their other albums for me.

I’m a weirdo who has a bit of a soft spot for Make Believe though - If only because the Edinburgh date on the second leg of that tour is one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to.


Green is their blandest, it all sounds exactly the same. Hash Pipe is the only real highlight.

The ‘Summer Songs 2000’ demo collection is a lot better, but I don’t want to go full Weezer nerd here.


Ha! Agreed. And feel free to call it SS2k if it makes you more comfortable.