+1 please @lastdino !

I’ve just got it off Soulseek

Rivers never lost it


Mr Dino, If you’re able to DM me a link too it would make this poor orphan boy’s Christmas and beyond…

This is good when is this from? What other gems have you found?

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Wow so much to get through - loving it all so far - even songs that would be crap now sound good as they are rough and raw, pretty sure half of weezers problem is the modern shiny production


Might be from 2015 because there’s a random 15 after the file. Its one of the only ones in the set without an album tag so not sure though. There’s also an earlier version with lyrics which are about Hawaii instead:

details say 2014 on mp3

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I will just post good tunes as I come across them:

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Bloody love Alone I & II so well up for this

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Can’t believe this never got further than a demo. Baffling to me what was kept off Alone now.

Looks like Rivers is putting these up for sale along with even more demos from ETWBAITE era at some point in the next few days on www.riverscuomo.com

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Rivers sure has looked different over the years. Are we sure he’s not been replaced like Paul McCartney

Cool thanks for finding and posting these, appreciated.

He just released a collection of demos for sale Alone 4: EWBAITE Years. It’s 9 bucks on his website. Just getting into it got all sorts in their. It’s kind of an idea of what Weezer would sound like if Rivers released songs like Robert Pollard.


Ballad of the briny is top fucking tier :metal:

Looks like the fucking mad lad might be about to drop the entire catologue, christ alive



Still trying to work this out. Is this the whole lot (more than the leaks) for 9 dollars?