Fair play to Rivers for this…

Financially I doubt he needs to do any of this, but mentally I think he needs it for his sanity.

trying to build some nerd cred after the football mis-step


First album I’ve compiled from these. Alone IV: Before Weezer. 13 tracks, including a few intervals, of an artist coming in to their own. 30 minutes long:

PM me if interested


‘The Black Room’ bundle is just stuffed with gems. I had high hopes for it because Cold and Damp and Crazy One are my favourites from the original Alones and my expectations have been met. Short sweet rough-around-the-edges pop hits. So sad how poorly Green came out given the material here.

I’m just working my way through this one , want to try and narrow it down to a 10-12 sing album. You think for Green he had all of these plus all the green demos and summer 2k songs. Although I love green how it is, had a specific vision and went with it.

Listening to all these bundles ,it’s interesting to see which album was the biggest mistep based on all the songs that could have been on them. It seems White was one album where pretty much the best songs made the album. With the exception of Hawaii/ Since you came around.

Also working on what my tracklist for EWBAITE , tough to do as there is just so many good songs to pick from in that bundle. Up in the clouds , flake , let’s get married , bless the whole wide world , gravity 4. Trying to make a list but he just keeps adding new complete sings almost daily. I know it’s the cliche thing to say we wrote a 100 songs for this album but it seems literally true with this one.

For Before Weezer and Blue Pink I narrowed it down to 13 pretty easily, but struggling to get this under 20. A lot of great songs between this and SS2K.

I dipped in to EWBAITE briefly but it was so overwhelming I’ve decided to go in chronologically. Ivory Telephone and Exonerate Me were early favourites though. Looks like I might have to do two ‘discs’ for that era.

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based on reactions, why are the demos good and the albums bad, is it a production thing?

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I’d say alot is just the wrong songs going on albums. To many people involved from record company etc. Trying to play it to safe for the masses and probably also alot of Rivers questioning himself and thinking about it too much overworking things. You can see in the demos sometimes there is like 30 versions of a song. By about version 4 it’s spot on but then on some by version 30 it’s ruined.

Production isn’t really a factor, especially in the later ones the demos are recorded and produced pretty the same as a finished Weezer song. They’re demos in the sense it’s just rivers but they don’t sound like what you usually consider a “demo” to sound like.


Laughing at the thought of this :smiley: Silly Rivers

I’m laughing at the thought of someone listening to 30 different takes of a song off The Green Album.


Weird thought to laugh about but I guess different people find different things funny.

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It’s almost entirely song choice, there’s very few good songs out of these that have been chosen and then ruined with shitty production.

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I’ve got a rough draft together of an album from 1998/1999 demos which I honestly believe would be Weezer’s 3rd or 4th best album. Going to take some time this weekend to edit the audio to remove errors and gaps and make the volume uniform across the collection. Am genuinely giddy with anticipation.


would love a PM on this when its done dude


my theory is they know exactly what they are doing, after pinkerton they aren’t aiming towards fickle indie music fans, they are aimed squarely at middle of the road novelty rock enthusiasts

Definitely - although I’d say they were ploughing the same furrow with diminishing returns right up until Make Believe. The switch was flipped at some point between 2005 and 2008.

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OK I’ve done this now. PM me anyone who might be interested.


Don’t think they going for middle of the road rock enthusiasts at all, the problem more recently is rhe opposite, Rivers is always aiming for another cross over hit , so they are attempting to be like Panic/Fall Out Boy or Imagine Dragons.

EWBAITE and White were probably the two albums where they just tried to cater to the fans from 90’s.


Consider this a PM (I can’t / don’t know how to message you if your profile is hidden)

Agree with absolutely everything here.