I mean Ive heard Raditude once and found it awful but just look at those song names


Finally the right answer


We’re now at a place where Weezer has released so much awful shit that Beverly Hills seems positively masterful in comparison. Not sure how i feel about that.


Island In The Sun

  • great summery pop tune
  • shit

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A song so nice they put it on 2 albums


It’s not shit… or particularly great… it’s just ‘meh’.


fence sitting is worse than shit :kissing_heart:


This is a very #hipster opinion, but the MFSL vinyl reissue of green really opens up the production. It also cuts a chunk out of Hash Pipe though, so swings & roundabouts.


*three (there’s a live version on Make Believe)



another piece of shit.



another piece of shit.


Strong candidate for worst ever drip-fed series of songs from a yet to be released album. 4 (?) absolute turds.


New album is going to be a real stinker even by their post 2000 standards isn’t it?

Setlists for the tour so far look like they’ll be fun, basically just all the singles.


Hey Ya cover as well…


Going to be my first Weezer gig, inexplicably, next week. Still too many new honkers on there for me.


Weezer are gearing up to be the first band ever to release one of the best, followed by one of the worst, albums of the year in consecutive years. If nothing else, that’s a novel achievement.


Completely true. Reminds me of one the best descriptions I’ve ever heard about Weezer (I think it was the AV Club): The worst ever band to have ever released two of the best ever guitar pop albums.

Incidentally, I’ve been listening to this to review for DiS, and can confirm it’s an absolute turd. The singles are as good as it gets folks. (Apart from a song called QB Blitz which is sort of catchy). The run of songs towards the end are probably the worst they’ve ever done IMO.


Christ :cry: