Worked myself into a shoot with this one :pensive:

Never work yourself into a shoot brother!

Is that a vinyl order as that is a pricey one.

Yeah - it’s been on my watchlist for a bit and I got an alert this morning for a NM copy going for about a third less than most of the others I’ve seen, sooooo :man_shrugging:

Praying there won’t be any kneejerk reappraisals of Hurley in my future - though I don’t think that one’s quite as expensive… * runs to Discogs to check, credit card in hand *

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I’ve got it on a watchlist too. It’s weird how that one is so rare when there is an abundance of Red and Hurley which were released only a year before and a year after.

I wish there was a version of the Red Album vinyl that has the bonus tracks. Those four songs turn that from a meh to a pretty good album.

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honestly not even sure which track the standard version ends with. Is it The Angel and The One? There’s another 6 tracks after that on Spotify. Miss Sweeney should definitely have made the cut…

Yes standard version ends with The Angel and the One

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Yeah Miss Sweeney and Pig ,would for sure make my cut. Don’t know who’s call it was to pass them up for Cold Dark World and Through I Knew.

Some good versions on here