You’ve posted a Lumineers song by accident


Rivers Cuomo hates us all.

think Maladroit is their best album at this point

Not exciting. Then again, I didn’t think much of All My Favourite Songs when I first heard it and OK Human was great.

I have it middle of the pack the pack when it comes to Weezer lead singles:

Hash Pipe
Sweater Song
El Scorcho
Pork & Beans
Beverly Hills
Thank God for Girls
All my Favorite Songs
End of the Game
Back to the Shack
Little Bit of Love
Dope Nose
If you’re wondering if I want you to
Can’t Knock the Hustle
Feels Like Summer

Third and final single from Blue.

This ranking is wild

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Thanks for the info. I don’t know why I always thought that was the first single. I have edited the list accordingly.

Oh great, a new way of ranking Weezer things.
Just what we all needed!! :grinning: :wink:

Spring has sprung


Some serious cringe in that first track


Had to stop listening after about 20 seconds. Just couldn’t stomach it. That awful acoustic that sounds like a fucking lute or something.

Might give it another go later, maybe.

The first track is awful. The rest is very boring.

Every album is going to have a track that lifts from the corresponding Four Seasons movement, so buckle up!

It’s alright, but they did the same thing better with OK Human.

Only just clocked this. I love Joyce Manor so this is a two-for-one as far as I’m concerned


as a band that went from incredible to very shit after 2 albums they have a lot in common tbf

Why Bother - Weezer Aol Sessions - YouTube he actually took that look here

I actually like this, maybe because I like FULL NERD Weezer a lot more than faux-baller Weezer