I saw them at the weekend and for all the shite, it was made up for by the hits. Hey Ya was quite faithful, so it was pretty good but also very weird


I worry that you’re right. Still looking forward to the gig next week.


oh, me too. it’s my birthday and I’m hoping for All The Bangers


Unsurprisingly this is right down their with their lower tier albums. Probably the most mediocre thing they’ve done. Not much in the way of highs or lows.


How many songs are on the Blue album? If it’s more than 10 just remove some of the slower, boring ones to take it down to 10 and add in Hash Pipe and Beverley Hills and you’re done.


There’s ten songs on Blue


Then we’re golden. Blue album + Hash Pipe + Beverley Hills = 12 song Weezer Best Of.

Don’t @ me


Tried listening to those new songs, proper stinkers. Sounds like a parody Weezer band from a high school film.


actual state of this




Can we all FINALLY stop being Weezer apologists and acknowledge that they are complete shit and that their first two albums do not excuse the fact that they are complete shit?


@ericthefourth @Severed799


I didn’t @ you I quoted you. :wink:




don’t think anyone has tried to do any different pal


fuck me, Theo actually thinks Beverley Hills is a good song?


Quite a few examples above to the contrary, pal.




this was good though:


before anyone jumps in to say otherwise you’re a joyless massive tory