That was pretty much gig of the year, I think.






no idea why they still keep trying to ‘break the mainstream’ again two decades in. fucking give up.


Tonight was great, 8 songs from Blue and opened with El Scorcho. Ash were on good form too.


Aren’t they just, like, making records and playing gigs and that?


I mean songs like Feels Like Summer that are obviously geared towards radio play, after an apparently half decent previous album (not heard it to know how different it actually sounds). I’d assume they must have thought Can’t Stop Partying would do great things for them too (lol)




The thing is though, they are still successfully selling our arenas and big venues with about half nostalgia and half people knowing the new songs from radio etc, so I’m not really sure what your gripe is? They’re still a huge band even if they’ve been critically irrelevant for nearly two decades


really though?


Well judging from the show I went to on the tour (Berlin) yes, plenty people knew and loved the new songs (though obviously not as much as old songs). They steadily put out pop-rocks at a decent rate to people out there who don’t spend all their time on a music forum making polls about blue vs pink. There’s also people I know who would count Weezer as their favourite band so still listen to them pretty regularly.

So in a word, yes.


Just boring as fuck American radio rock that indie kids feel it’s ok to like because they look like fucking dweebs


hmm, they’re still playing big venues, sure, and i’m sure as with any band there are plenty of longstanding Weezer fans still enjoying the new stuff, fair enough. but i mean, these songs sound deliberately calibrated to be massive radio hits. which unless i’m very out of touch, i don’t think they have been. i’m just not sure why they’re still making ill advised stabs at the charts rather than just pumping out more ordinary Weezer-sounding Weezer albums for their core audience.


That is Weezer’s sound since Green album though isn’t it? And even Blue and Pink has big catchy numbers. I think there’s plenty of people out there who don’t really make the distinction just because there are a group who are obsessed with the first two albums. The band shift a decent amount of records and get radio-play from making radio friendly, slightly tongue in cheek pop-rock. I’m not really sure if making “the charts” is that relevant anymore due to the way people consume music these days, but the fact remains they’re s consistently popular pop/rock band


I would have thought these new album tracks I’ve heard were an even poppier departure but then I’ve put myself through very little of their recent stuff to compare. They just struck me as cynically calculated attempts to make summer pop bangers for a new audience (without really being good enough to succeed) as opposed to something like Pork & Beans which just sounded like them trying to do a catchy new Weezer single (and doing reasonably alright). Admittedly I’ve not heard much in between but assumed from reception to recent stuff that they must have settled back into the latter for a bit.

Tbh I’ve decided I don’t really care enough about Weezer to debate their motives at length.


Yeah you’re not wrong in that they’re writing (perhaps cynically) summer pop songs but idk, it doesn’t seem to harm them so they’re quite happy making a living off it.


Rivers Cuomo says Weezer’s next album is “almost done” and could be out in May

The Black Album “is going to be a lot more modern and electronic and not-90s sounding”

I actually had hopes for this album based on what he said prior to this interview


yeah, this is maybe the second or third-worst. It’s got Mexican Fender, which is more than can be said for fucking Raditude or Hurley


I’d be on board with this if The White Album hadn’t proved that they can still write great pop-rock songs AND ‘sound like Weezer’ when they choose to. It’s the hope that kills you.


That’s how they get ya :wink: