Wembley gig.

Great set but super shit boring crowd.


After Saturday night though, I’m back to being a full-blown Weezer apologist. Even with one of the worst professional drummers working today (bring back Josh Freese!) they managed to play a life-affirming set. Sure, it was my birthday and yes, I’d been drinking whiskey since 2PM but what a lovely time. Even the new songs sounded…if not ‘good’ exactly, then they certainly made sense in a massive arena.


Birmingham was a blast.


I went down the front for that very reason.


No harm in having variety. I actually like the new record now, apart from the last couple of tracks being a bit bland.


who’s drumming now, is it back to Pat?


Should have headed further in. Felt a bit out in the cold half way back, but that’s probably to be expected at an arena.

I just don’t think you should bother going to see Weezer if youre going to stand motionless with a face like a slapped arse like you’re watching the antlers or something and it’s deeply affecting you.


I refer you to Back To The Shack. :slight_smile:


not listening to that shite!


This has made me actually listen to some of the post-Red albums, and Rivers clearly never lost the ability to write a tune. It’s just the production and lyrics and vibe that are so off usually now. That said, White Album was a pleasant surprise, totally listenable and no cringe really.

Also this is one of my fav songs since Maladroit, if you’re gonna be dumb you may as well go out all - “You wanted arts and crafts? How’s this for arts and crafts? NANANANANANANANANANANA!!”


Here is the thing about Pacific Daydream right, it’s not nearly as bad as a lot of people are saying or claiming. It’s a different beast, this album is a straight-up pop record a’la Passion Pit and is completely alienating the existing Weezer fanbase. Is it a particularly good pop album? Not really but it’s got textures to it and a few earworms to make it somewhat enjoyable. Whereas I find Make Believes songwriting incredibly dull and Rattiude straight up embarrassing and obnoxious. As a pop record I think it’s actually more successful than Beck’s latest effort.


In fairness, it’s not like Make Believe or Raditude have (m)any fans either!


But people are comparing it to those 2 which I think is a bit much, those 2 are truly dreadful, this one is kind of eh




I’ve always thought make believe was alright, it’s just like the green album with a bit more feeling


That’s an interesting article, the way it covers the whole thing of people complaining whatever he does, him taking it personally and reacting musically to it. But there’s been plenty of good stuff since Pinkerton. When you can come up with 16 tunes and not even mention, say, Pork and Beans…


Imagine NOT including Pork and Beans…


negates the whole thing, doesn’t it


Like it’s a pretty well written piece but not including their best song in 20 years??