a great song with a great video also - the whole package! Was a treat to hear that at Wembley - I would love for them to play the whole of Red in full… that is a joyous listen from start to finish.


Oh shit guys.


Doesn’t even have We Are All on Drugs on it!


I dont mind We Are All On Drugs, awful lyrics aside. Same with Where’s My Sex tbh.

I dont think ive heard an album.in full since Pinkerton. Might do a listen through


I think it’s just the way We Are All on Drugs is basically the Diarrhoea Song with the lyrics changed is what tips it over the edge for me.


So they’ve put Pork and Beans in that list.


state of that


For some reason, while I’d pay to see neither of these bands, both of them together sounds like a great night out. Nostalgia is a helluva drug. They should tour it in Europe (without The Wombats, preferably)


I would totally go to that show. Especially as Weezer are apparently still killing it live


The Wombats are still going?!


How the fuck have the wombats got on that


Weezer went shit when Matt Sharp left, I reckon he’d a bigger say than we all think!

Man those bass lines :heart:


Plus at some stage Rivers stopped writing about himself and just started writing about shit he thought would be what weezer should write about.

And please rivers stop double tracking your vocals ffs


Think that Matt Sharp theory has been debunked because you can hear all the rivers solo blue and pinkerton demos and they sound the same


the wombats are probably better than weezer


Fucking HELLLLLLLL. I went to listen to ‘The White Album’ after some positive noises in here and it is fucking shit.

Basically Weezer only ever released two albums, ‘Blue’ and ‘Pinkerton’ and the band that comes after those two is a totally different band.


You’re incredibly wrong, I’m afraid


Defend ‘Thank God For Girls’.


It just about makes sense in the context of the album, but is its worst song by some distance. But everything else is great!


I think great relative to what’s come previously. Listened to ‘Pacific Daydream’ and it made ‘The White Album’ seem like the Beatles album.

They’re just a very bad band these days with the occasional good song.