great film.
Weiner! Weiner! Weiner!

the dog film or the politician film?


It is very enjoyable. Felt bad for his wife.

yeah, mortified for her. that bit where he’s watching back videos of himself fighting with the talk show guy and she’s staring at him in disbelief

One funny thing about the doc is early on they show Bill DiBlasio with a paltry group of people following him during a parade whilst everyone is going nuts for Weiner, then later as Weiner’s poll numbers start to collapse, DiBlasio isn’t even near the top of the polls, and somehow he wound up winning the nomination and becoming Mayor!

Watching this soon. Could have seen it at a festival but assumed it would be boring so skipped it. Then I heard lots of really great things about it so now I’m really looking forward to it!

End of anecdote.

watched this last night, while they’re obviously complete cunts some of the new york post headlines about him made me laugh, a lot

also just read his wife finally left him for good last month

Watched this on the plane and loved it.

Whats happening with him now though? Has he done it again to a 15 year old girl and now Huma is divorcing him? I can’t keep up!

They separated in August after the NY Post story about him sexting while in bed with toddler son.

The 15 year old girl story came out a month later. He knew how old she was, that she was in high school, a virgin, etc. Actual quote: ‘I would bust that tight pussy so hard and so often that you would leak and limp for a week’.

…fucking hell. Didn’t know it was that bad.

Jesus Christ.

Also wtf is wrong with this man? He’s been outed TWICE and still hasn’t learnt his lesson? Keep your wiener in your pants, weiner.