Weird article from last year about people still using MySpace

It’s Graun and no doubt @marckee posted it at the time or something but it’s sort of fascinating and sort of grim

I mean ew

“It’s almost like I’ve taken over a dead site,” he said, noting that at least women did not block him or remove his comments any more. “I think it’s funny. I’ll leave comments and messages for girls who haven’t been on there for years.”

Anyway, I almost posted it directly on @xylo’s FB wall but decided even if it’s old we can all discuss it again on here.


I for one couldn’t possibly fathom frequenting an increasingly deserted relic of the internet


Oh did you, Theo? You decided this did you? Without any input from anyone else in the community. A decision was taken regardless.

This fucking place.

Side comment, I sent a mate the link to the Battles free gig list without the need for a purchase and he was impressed at my detective work.

I told him it was actually thanks to DiS and his reaction was, “DiS is still going?!” so maybe we’re the same.

Excuse me, just gonna post this on my Bebo


It’s a tap in but someone had to stick it in the onion bag


Some days Tone you really wound me. :cry:

Are you drawing parallels between @xylo’s FB wall and myspace?

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Sorry Theo. This was a light hearted remark. I apologise if it wounded you, I actually love you x

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No no, I just thought he’d be fascinated by the degenerates in the article.

I was just about to coin this technostalgia but apparently that’s already a thing

Impossible, Myspace gets more activity

How did you come across this article @1101010?

Was fucking delighted when they lost all that data last year.

Feels like a good place to post this:

Tumblr, bought by Yahoo for $1.1bn in 2013, has been sold for (reportedly :eyes:) $3m.

Can’t help but think of this Dr Cox quote



They did lose all the music as well though, which is kinda sad (even if most of it that was properly lost was almost certainly terrible)

Someone I know was moaning about it being gone and someone else posted this

Yeah that part was a shame. But losing a bunch of embarrassing edgelord content from teenage Steved? Cheerio, cheerio, cheerio…


On the plus side LiveJournal is still going strong for all your angsty teenage poetry needs

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Man whoever made that call to ban the porn must be really broke now

By broke i mean totally fine and in anither executive position