Weird brain song mashups


Currently my brain is managing to mash up Blur’s Magic America with Radiohead’s My Iron Lung.

It also makes the alarm ring on my phone turn into I Want You by Bob Dylan.


Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app?


My brain keeps mashing up Phoenix’s Trying To Be Cool with Say You’ll Be There by The Spice Girls.

It works so, so well.


Reality is weirder and funnier than my brain…


Not sure if this is what you mean, but every so often i drum my fingers to the chorus to Django Django’s “Default” and then automatically launch into the chorus of “Take Me Out” by Franz Ferdinand.




Every time I hear the beginning of Redemption Song I automatically segue into the German national anthem.


everytime I hear Venus by Bananarama after the ‘your desire’ bit, my brain automatically goes to the Fine Young Cannibals version of Supsicious Minds cause they used to do it on them tv ads where you paid for CDs not available in shops