Weird (Brilliant) Games That You Play On Your Own


Personally a big fan of listening to music on headphones and then at a point where you need to take them off temporarily (getting changed, for example) humming or singing the song while it still plays and then putting the headphones back on to check how well you kept up with the music/melody. Big fan.

Also on trains and car journeys the rain drop window races obv…

Any others that we should be getting in on?


Sometimes when I’m walking on a road and a car drives past, I scrunch my toes up when they’re parallel to me which equates to jumping over the car in my mind.


The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is a cooperative Living Card Game® in which one to two players (or up to four with two Core Sets ) command some of the most powerful characters and artifacts in Middle-earth.


If I throw this tissue in the bin from here I can have another choccy biscuit.


Shut up epimer


I do this.

Also, when I’m sitting as a passenger in a car, when we pass another vehicle, I tense the back of my knee as it crosses the line of the window frame.


Car cricket! Maybe not a thing in the UK, too much traffic.

On long car journeys, score 1 run for a car, three for a van, four for a truck and six for an articulated truck. Motorbikes are wickets. Hours of fun, until the Mongrel Mob come riding through all at once, and you suffer a batting collapse.



going to the pub


Eddie Stobart game, where you guess the two girl’s names on the front of any Stobart lorry you pass.


stopping the fuel pump on an exact number, obviously


when I’m reading I work out where the exact centre of any paragraph is, and picture in my mind what an even 5 line sub-paragraph would look like centred on that point (if the paragraph is more than 5 lines).

then I have to have a little lie down.


Competitive solitaire where I play a couple of games but have to beat my own score. Did this a lot at my old job and probably why I was fired


chucking the tea bag into the mug from across the kitchen.


Beating the sat nav predicted arrival time.

“arrive at 1632 you say? Challenge accepted!”


At my old workplace we used to play the ‘throwing paper in the bin without looking’ game. One of my colleagues was weirdly brilliant at it.


Flushing the toilet mid-piss and then trying to finish before the flush ends.


You should enter this


that’s a distance event, totally different sport


I once “completed” Windows Mahjong, by creating a narrative in my head where each animal puzzle shape was a boss I had to defeat