Weird Cravings

Got any strange or specific hankerings for anything in particular?

I’m saying this because I would like some turkish delight very much right now, the cubed version not chocolate covered. It’s pretty strong, I can sort of smell it, but that might just be me going a bit wrong.

If you don’t please lie and say something funny.

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Are you pregnant


I nearly made this thread yesterday when I had a really strong craving for the smell of chip shop paper that’s had vinegary chips on it.

Not the chips themselves. The paper.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Make the Huel recipe.

Really fancy dominoes but it’s expensive. Think I just need a nap

Absolutely jonesing for a snout

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It is vile, had to take a day off* yesterday


I tried it this morning. I can live with the taste, but the texture did me.

Going to blend it tomorrow.

Doesnt help much. Ive added a bit of almond milk which is a slight improvement

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Good tip, ta. Coffee granules?

Tried it, almost vommed. Think next time ill get the plain one and experiment with flavours

Just missed out on Christmas pudding flavour. Gutted.

Whack a Bombay Bad Boy flavour sachet in there. Job done.

Couldnt manage that but i think savoury could be a way to go. That vanilla is so cloying.

I really don’t, but I’m trying it anyway ¯\ (ツ)

Usually a specific flavour/brand of crisps:

  • SnV Hula Hoops
  • Bacon Wheat Crunchies
  • Twiglets
  • Beef Monster Munch

Daddy left me.


Salted popcorn from the cinema. Been craving this for ages. Nearly went to see Passengers so i could have some