Weird experiences

Has anyone had an experience which they feel is genuinely paranormal / unexplainable / supernatural / whatever?

Tell your spooky tales DiS


No, nobody has.


Once when I was a kid I woke up and felt the duvet pushing down on me trying to stop me from getting up, seemed like a ghost was in the room. Turned out to the neighbours cat which had somehow gotten into our house. Proper shat myself when I turned the light on and it sprinted away, the dickhead.

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The TV and her family all believe in ghosts, talk dead seriously about rooms which are haunted. The number of times I’ve heard that some family friends also sensed the same female ghost presence as they did in their cottage…

Apart from our @TrainBoy, obviously.

I lived in a house share on Leeds Road in Huddersfield with a mate and 2 girls when i was at uni so this was 16 years ago.

Had weird little things from the start, kettle turning itself on and of, lights flickering and cold spots. Things got worse any time one of the girls was upset and it turned out her mum was a faith healer.

There were 2 proper weird things that happened.
1.Someone got me a balloon for my 21st and it was in the living room and came untied from the weight and floated upstairs. There was only me and my mate in and he didn’t leave the room. About half an hour later i went upstairs to the toilet and the balloon was tied to my bedroom door handle by the ribbon

  1. Mate came to stay for a week and was sleeping on the sofa, he woke me up shouting the first night he was staying so i went downstairs to see what was happening and he was packing his bag. When i asked what was wrong he said when he woke up there was an old lady sat in the armchair staring at him.

All stopped the day the girl moved out

GWSM (Goes without saying, mate)

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You lot are mad to think they don’t exist, you just havent been chosen yet

Never had one but I know a couple of people who’ve had strange things happen (like things turning on or curtains opening when they was no one else in the house) after people they know have died. And these are people who aren’t normally into believing in ghosts or whatever.

So many good stories here, I ‘like’ how the people who do not believe only proof is ‘I aint seen one yet’ Just You Wait.


I lost my virginity to a ghost

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  1. Your mate tied the balloon to your door.
  2. This mate had a nightmare and believed it was real.

My mate didn’t leave the room

If there are such things as ‘ghosts’, why is there literally no evidence of them?

Is what he told you.

^ Had the willies put right up him

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I was fucking sat in the room with him, he didn’t move. There was no one else in the house

yeah yeah woke up covered in exctoplasm

Sorry…but your evidence against them is ‘I Havent seen one’ he at least has physical evidence that he has seen them or someone close to them has. I have been in a number of spooky situations when maybe the ghost wasnt showing themselves but the were 100% there. Explain why when I woke up this morning I had all these haunting bites on my legs? Eh? No thought I would get silence from you