weird expressions only your parents seem to use

realised recently my da says “it’s like the fucking tower of babel in there” when referring to a room full of people talking loudly

my ma often refers to people with large stomachs as having "some size of kite on them!

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Morgen, morgen, nur nicht heute, sagen alle faulen Leute.

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Shit-a-brick and fuckaroo.

The tv’s 87yo mum describes big-headed/smug people / people who fancy themselves as ‘having a bob on themself’
Example - “Oh, that Eamonn Holmes: got a proper bob on himself, he has.”


might try using this at work


Mum references her upbringing on a ‘sink estate’ a lot. Never really heard anyone else use this term.

Dad calls people he seems to be nerdy or jobsworthy a ‘right Malcolm’ which is ultra specialist Guildford area slang from what I know

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will be stealing this one too cheers



is that not one of the Harry Potter spin-off books?

Could be, could be.
Presumably one full of grumpy bastards :grinning:

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“Don’t let the grass grow”

What’s the alternative then?

“Black over Bill’s mothers” when there are dark clouds in the distance (mother rhymes with bother in this instance).

They call ice creams “Okies” (something to do with the Okie Pokie man? No idea).

TV remote is the “splodger”.


East Midlands

My grandad used to say “Half a mo, Adolf” if you were pestering him and he wanted you to calm down. Apparently it was a catchphrase from some wartime radio programme.

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Assume yer ma is Scotch? My dad was fond of this one.

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Yeah my dad is from Burton and my mum is from Ashbourne so I thought it might be a regional thing. Do you know the origin of Okie?


Calls John Lewis “Lewis’s”, which has resulted in many people giving me a confused stare when I use it