Weird flavours/food combinations omnithread


I just tried some of Tesco’s Finest Cocoa and Spiced Rum crisps. a complex flavour combination for advanced palates. (y)


fixed it for ya


are you scared that you’ll like it and hate yourself for it?

  • no
  • fuck off mate

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taking “fuck off mate” as a yes.


cocoa and spiced rum crisps

you fucking what?


I don’t think ‘advanced palates’ and ‘crisps’ can be in the same sentence. Sorry.


crisps are well high cookery, m8. texture.


embrace that feeling. don’t spend your whole life not daring to eat cocoa and spiced rum crisps.


Instant coffee in my bolognese!


It sounds worse than the BBQ popcorn that I tried the other day.


The Taiwanese entry at the London Design Biennale last weekend was a 5 course meal with the last dish being a mix of the previous 4 …and the finale was one of the nicest things I’ve ever tasted.

Toasted steamed bun stick, lemon and honey gel, edible flowers, mint, gold leaf, green tea jelly, coconut milk chips, olive oil capsules, carrots, chives, chilli, beetroot juice, and pineapple all mixed into a cream soup.


never forget