Weird flex but ok

(aka ‘dubious badge of honour’)

Has anyone listened to the ‘The Snapchat Thief’ on the Reply All podcast?

It’s about the seedy underworld of social media account hacking/theft (and black market sale) from those who have particularly ‘OG’ single word social media handles like ‘Lizard’ for example.

Excellent episode but what I don’t get is why don’t people just approach the owner of the OG social media handle and offer them $1500 for their account name??? There can’t be many people who wouldn’t sell up straight away?! Why bother going through hackers?

Do you have an OG username? Would you sell it for $1500?

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There was a kid at my school who used to buy and sell rare runescape names


What does OG mean? (I get the gist from the context, but can’t think what it stands for)

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I stayed up late to make sure I got my proper name as my Facebook url. Improved my life immeasurably.


I think it was like 4am.

how much would everyone accept for their username?


numbers suck mate

numbers ain’t OG

just happy I got an e-mail address without any underscores or numbers in it tbf.


In valuations things need to be dated (rings, silver bracelets etc usernames)


always get twitter @s meant for the other one as I was first on twitter.

The OG (B) right here, baby


poor @japes always gets some boring saucepan chat or the like off theo on twitter

only a matter of time before he deletes his account



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Vaguely related but…

In 2009 I started a Facebook event for Truck to try and convince some mates to go along. Since this was prior to organisations having their shit together for social media, and since I’d made it a public event, people would search for it and think it was the official event. Ended up getting hunrdeds of respondents. Then one day out of the blue I got a message from the festival organisers asking if I could add them as an admin to the event. I said that I would and took it as an opportunity to let them know about the band I was in at the time and how good a booking we would be for the festival. They said they’d think about it. I added them as admins to the event. They never did book my band.


£29 (+ VAT)

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I know someone was a super early twitter adopter who got her (totally regular) first name as a handle.

Unfortunately there was also an early adopter pornstar with the same first name and a handle that was almost identical, and she used to get a lot of misdirected tweets from amorous men.