Weird grooves, odd-shifts, upbeat ambient... music a bit like Flying Lotus?

Hi All,
Just been revisiting Los Angeles (for this piece for 6 Music) that Mike Diver used to blast in the office all the time, and realised I’ve drifted quite a way from the odder end of electronica, going back to a lot of the same upbeat ambient and drone-ish things like Ben Frost, as well as classics on Warp, when I should really be investigating a lot more new stuff.

What would you recommend from this year or past few years that I might not have heard?

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Some of the NTS sessions by autechre could fit this description

(The 4th is more ambient so wouldn’t go that one first)

Dedekind Cut

First couple of Floating Points EPs


Didn’t realise Los Angeles was ten. I still remember buying it shortly after release, being initially disappointed, and then gradually becoming a biiiig fan of it. Definitely got me more into the more beat-orientated, hip-hop-inflected side of things than I’d been previously.

All I can think of as stuff to compare it to would be other Brainfeeder stuff: Teebs for the more hazy ambience, and Samiyam in terms of wonky beat tape sorta stuff^, also I was quite keen on the Jameszoo album they released a while back (trails off a tad towards the middle iirc).

^On the subject of which, I find myself checking the beat tapes recommendations on Bandcamp Daily quite a lot, which has turned me on to some cool stuff

From last year I would highly recommend:
Bola - D.E.G.
Nick Höppner - Work
Varg - Nordic Flora Pt. 3

@BodyInTheThames has produced some great work over the last few years spanning ambient / IDM / techno

And of course (plug time…) there’s the Disintegration State label launching properly this Friday with the sampler which pretty much fits what you’re describing.

And the electronic listening club has an incredible selection of suggested records.


Haha, I was just returning to this thread to augment my earlier post with a “by the wwwaaaayyy, Sean”


Also, everything on the Central Processing Unit label.

Oh and Compro by Skee Mask.

I’ll be quiet now.


This Disintegration State compilation sounds like it is RIGHT up my early 90s Warp alley. Cheers for bringing it to my attention, Aphex! Ordering the CD now.


Cheers dude! Gonna be jagging hard next week but it’s legitimately brilliant music from a talented group of DiSers. We’ve got @Bamnan 's first IDM album the week after which I’m pretty sure would be well up your street as well. He sounds like a seasoned veteran the talented git.


Cheers for the shout out/in Aphex

I think my wonkiest/weirdest grooves have been on my Plasticine Pyramids LP that I released last September
this one is probably the most drifty, woozy, ‘odd-shift’/FlyLo type piece

whereas this one is designed to spin you out with just its relentlessness and odd delay throws and pukes

elsewhere the LP’s got moody and sorrowful ambient bits and shimmering arp bits and so on

check it out, I think it was criminally overlooked …but then I would say that wouldn’t I

edit: I realise you know all this @Twinkletoes but the thanks was in a reply to you whereas the rest of the post was in a reply to @sean /any other readers


I feel like I missed all the memos on this being a thing, haha. Nice to see a collective of DiSers getting their acts together, literally.


Natch :wink:

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I listened to pretty much nothing but that Skee Mask album last week, so good. Think Soundboy Ext might be my tune of the year so far :heart_eyes:


It’s started brewing in a thread on the social board a few months back before moving into the murky world of DMs. There’s a back-catalogue of 10 existing releases then we’ve got one per fortnight until at least end of August. Blown away by everything folks have sent me.

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The stuff you miss when you don’t pay much attention to the Social board…

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and a record that 100% fits the OP that came out just a couple of weeks ago on Smalltown Supersound is this absolute masterpiece by my pal matt

anyone with even the slightest interest in this kind of stuff will be knocked out by it


Oh man, the first few tracks of this are wonderful so far!


Had the urge to listen to edIT - Crying Over Pros for no Reason presumably as a result of this thread. More straight up glitch and 14 years old now! But great