Weird grooves, odd-shifts, upbeat ambient... music a bit like Flying Lotus?


This kinda stuff was my gateway to Warp (via those cool genre webs on I think, haha, all coming flooding back)


Maybe the Forest Swords album from last yr? I’ve been revisiting it a lot recently after digging into his DJ-Kicks compilation and it’s way more groovy and atmospheric than I remember.

edit: actually FlyLo dropped one of these in his live set last year, can’t quite remember which


wait till you get to the end, it’s a really transformative piece of work


Yeah this is well good. Definite purchase for me.


Yep, this is ruddy great.


You might dig the DJ Koze record. Weird and welcoming in equal measures I reckon.


Not had a chance to listen this yet, but just had to say the album cover is :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


While the music isn’t completely the same but I always associate FL with Actress in terms of feel and execution. (But I love Actress far more) (and you’ve heard of him already)


This one provides the wonk.


I always keep Lapalux in the same mental file as FlyLo (although you’ve probably hear of him already…)


Cheers :slight_smile:

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