Weird how on cold days

You don’t get the clowns telling you that cold drinks will actually warm you up. Purely a summer occupation


M had a Calippo on the way home from school yesterday. I’ll ask her if it warmed her up.

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My darling partner had a vimto lolly a couple of days ago and bit into it and I had to leave the room because the sound made me so cold


Do like that in Italy gelato eating isn’t at all seen as a warm weather only activity. Going for a late night ice cream in the middle of winter is a lovely little life pleasure.

When I read this I took ‘clowns’ literally at first. Maybe they work at a circus or something I guess.

My teeff hurd

Few years ago, we were in Greece in October and there was a pirate boat themed ice cream/milkshake restaurant in the harbour. It was a lovely 27c sunny day so we thought we’d take a refreshing stop. The waitress was incredulous when we tried to order- turned out that they had no ice cream and no milk as they only served that ‘during the summer’ :woman_shrugging: