Weird how Sichuan peppers make your mouth go numb

Well, I’m sure it’s actually not weird and easily explained. Can’t be arsed doing a google search though

Sichuan peppers, a taste so bold,
Make your tongue feel like it’s made of gold.
A numbing sensation, it starts to spread,
A curious feeling, it fills your head.

The reason for this, so complex and rare,
Is the compound, hydroxy-alpha-sanshool with care.
It activates the nerves, a tingling delight,
A unique experience, a spicy sight.

So next time you taste this flavorful treat,
Remember the science, a mystery to beat.
And enjoy the numbing, a delightful surprise,
Sichuan peppers, a flavor that never dies


Fucking love Sichuan peppers so much. Best kind of spice.

Made a dinner with them 2 weeks ago and my tongue went numb. Thought I was allergic so this is timely. Absolutely vile flavour.

Not this


got your back punk

numbing effect due to the presence of hydroxy-alpha sanshoo

knew it was the sanshoo

I make a great Mapo Tofu dish that uses them.

See lots of ‘mala’ dishes/restaurants when in Taiwan with ma = numbing and la = spicy that give the same effect.

Is this from that recent Rod Stewart album?


A good Mapo Tofu is the absolute best dish.

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Never made Mapo Tofu but had a great one in birmingham

Mad scared my local Nepalese shop has stopped selling this, as they’ve got a different brand of late and the Timurs are way more husky; inedible in places. If you’re local Nepalese shop still has these in stock, might be worth stocking up, at least until I can work out what the darned heck is going on.

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