Weird how the hierachy of the big 5 roast meats is pretty much reversed when eating them cold the next day


Lamb > Beef > Pork > Chicken > Gammon

Gammon > Chicken > Beef > Pork > Lamb

BTW all of the above are nice things, just a sliding scale of niceness innit


Hi Rachy!


This is an interesting discussion point Aggsy, thanks for bringing it up.

Here’s my version which I think is largely in agreement with yours but I’m discounting gammon as it’s impossible for me to be objective about it.


Lamb > Beef > Chicken > Pork


Chicken > Beef > Lamb > Pork


Chicken > Lamb > Pork > Beef


You not a gammon fan? or are you such a big gammon fan that it’d cloud your judgment?

My leftover hot ranking would be
Chicken > Pork > Lamb > Beef > Gammon, fwiw


I agree with basically none of that.


You’ve already outed yourself today as a man whose food opinions are to be disregarded immediately


I loathe it mate, never was a big fan but had a very bad experience with it detailed here:

The best thing about the following debacle was finally being able to throw it away and exorcise those demons:


lamb’s not that good. it’s expensive so a bit more rare so you kind of expect it to be something special, but it’s not as good as beef is it


Yeah, not having this. Too many variables.


Oh my, was about to say the only 2 reasons for making a roast gammon ahead of any of the others are for leftovers sandwiches and because it’s really simple to cook


Leg of lamb is 100% the best roasting joint of any meat, if you disagree you’re cooking it wrong or you’ve got bad, bad opinions


I’m well hungry now.

Might sack off work and go for a roast instead.


Let me tell you about my signature brussel sprouts and pancetta pasta dish.

The secret ingredient is chicken stock.


very possible


I totally agree. Spot on.

I do love a Gammon sandwich but dislike it with a roast.


Also I dislike pease pudding with gammon too.


Your cold order is spot on, however…




I haven’t had a roast in ages. This thread is torture.


I have issues with a list that includes both gammon and pork. I known they’re different bits of the pig, but still.

Plus, roast gammon? A Sunday lunch with gammon? Doesn’t happen.


Think roast chicken is getting unfairly overlooked itt