Weird how there aren't any national Indian restaurant chains

Wonder why?

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They’ve only got a few haven’t they??
Would never have heard of them if it wasn’t for here

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London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham. Not sure it counts as national I’m afraid, they seem to have forgotten huge regions of the country.

I don’t think it exists, think the London folk here made it up to keep us provincial folk in our place.


7 apparently. Mowgli has 10. Where’s the line Funkster?

Very rare but

Probably the best supermarket curry I’ve ever had, too.

there’s Mazza

used to have quite a few dotted about, looks like it’s only Corby and Hemel Hempstead left, the big two. Shit anyway

Got to be location-based. Needs an outlet in Scotland, Wales and every region of England.

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Ashoka have about four or five in Glasgow, don’t know about anywhere else

Akbar’s has a few


As if people here will ever vote against local indian.

Think the furthest south is the one in Rotherham.

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There’s your answer!

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Bottomless contempt for anyone going National here…

there’s one in Manchester

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