Weird Knees Day Mid Weak Thread

Hey people of DiS.

How goes it? I am fatigued but in a spirit of mild jovial merriment.

That won’t last though.

Off to work this morning already, still basking in trying warm glow of Hendon winning 3-0 last night. And whilst the scoreline was a little flattering, it was nice to see Stasi like ruthlessness in front of goal.

Early finish today, the ferrying les enfants (not Les Enfants) around.

Howz about you folk dancers?

Morning He_2

Nothing like the warm glow of a good sporting victory :blush:

Off to a fasting blood test, desperate for breakfast. The kid is with his dad today, think I might make some cookies between the various admin and household tasks. Exciting stuff.

Morning @he_2, @anon89873996

Just in from my third nightshift on the bounce. Pretty tired right now. Drive back across the downs was lovely though. Everything shrouded in mist in the dim morning light.

Gonna sleep until 11ish then walk to Waitrose to get milk and breakfast as there’s nothing in. Nothing else planned.

Afternoon. It’s been a very grey day in Brisbane today but still, obviously, shorts and t-shirt weather.

I have absolutely nothing to report.


Morning :wave:

Betty’s sent me an email this morning and now all I want are marzipan apples and marzipan pumpkins -


Got paid this morning, so it’s time to live like a Saudi prince for 48 hours then be completely skint until next pay day!

Really should open a savings account.


Hope the blood test eventually comes back okay - I had one of these recently, it was only 12-hours nil-by-mouth, which I often achieve unwittingly. However, having been told unequivocally to do so, I found it the worst kind of purgatory!

What kind of cookies are you likely to be baking? I like chocolate chip, just for the record.

Speaking of, I’ve been noting all the small gnarled mini pumpkins popping up in all the shops. Always really want to buy one but… why?


Why not more like.

Morning he_man et al. Is this the daily thread?

Got up early enough to shower and eat brekko and still leave the house at 7:30 this morning, quite a feat for me. Nowt else going on. Need more coffee.

Kind of hope the test shows something up, rather than being left with the doctor telling me they don’t know what is causing the problem. So long as it is something nice and treatable, obviously…

Cookies will be oat raisin, sorry! If I have time some ginger biscuits too because they are for the people at my book club tomorrow and there is a guy who only eats those, I don’t want him to feel left out.

One of the first names up on the call board here is Seaford, what a name!

Oh great, now I have the theme tune in my head.


Ginger biscuits would be a decent second :slight_smile:

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My mum brought back a wonderfully grotesque pumpkin from her allotment yesterday, apparently she has a bigger one growing too so I am hoping that lasts for Halloween.

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Aww that’s so cool!! Photos!!

I’d love to grow pumpkins. I recently watched a doc about Welsh people growing giant veg, one guy fed his pumpkins beer!

Got to say that I love a gourd.

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Why did ming the merciless throw a butternut squash into a bucket of spit then regret it?

because gourd’s on salivaaaaargh


Did you manage to play any indie hits over the PA?

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I will get you a snap of it later, though it isn’t massive or beer-fed sadly. I would definitely get one/several of those cool decorative ones you saw :slightly_smiling_face:

Blood test was successful, surprisingly I stayed totally calm despite having had several panic attacks recently over far less. They had to take four vials of the stuff too. Almost makes me think I could try giving blood, I am sure a pouch of the old A negative could be useful for someone…

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Ah that’s great! :slight_smile: very glad it went well!! :vampire: Now FEAST!!

Oh and they don’t need to be big, gnarly is best.

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