Weird lies/bits of nonsense you believed for ages


My older brother told me that Shed Seven got their name because they used to have 12 members then they ‘shed seven’ of them. I believed it unquestioningly for a long time


Did you ever ask him what they were called when there were 12 of them?


I used to believe in meritocracy.


When I was 10 or 11 a kid at school told me he had stayed up late to watch the film Rosemary’s baby the night before

He explained the plot to me in great detail. It involved a baby that was possessed by the devil, and could walk around and do things no normal baby could. It wandered about pushing people out of windows and killing them with hammers.

When several years later I actually saw Rosemary’s Baby I realised that Dorian had been telling me porkys

Weird lies you told as a kid

friend said she had a plastic kidney… I believed that because I fancied her


That in year 8 Mr Shanovitch stole all the non-uniform day Children in Need money and bought a power shower for his office.


Porky’s is way different to that too


Spoilers, ffs


That the UK government is like a household and has to ‘live within its means’.


I remember a kid on holiday talking about Nightmare on Elm Street and that it was about a dismembered hand that went about killing people… the lying cunt.


Told you the mansun one.

My brother had a physics textbook at home, I asked him what was on the cover one day and he said “oh, you don’t want to know”. Years later I checked inside the cover and it was just a close-up of an optical fiber, so he either didn’t know or was just spoofing