Weird lies you told as a kid


came back to school from the summer holidays when i was about 7 and told everyone in my class that we’d been on holiday to spain where they had the “adult simpsons”, the show was exactly the same except they swore all the time

utterly bizarre behaviour in hindsight


told a bunch of kids in my new class that i was italian for some reason.

didn’t do an accent or anything, just said i was italian. they bought it hook, line and sinker.


In primary one or something, I told my mum that the teacher had taken the whole class to the top of our road for an “exercise class”. No idea why.

Think she said “oh right”, and I distinctly remember thinking “I can’t believe she believed that.”

Kids are weird.


lied about having a computer game, my mate asked to borrow it, so doubled down and said he could have it as soon as I got it back from my brother (I lied about having a brother)


I was 16 at this point so not a kid and well old enough to know better, but I had my friends round for i curry that I’d supposedly cooked but just got a takeaway and put it in oven proof dishes, naan bread and all. Not sure why I felt the need to lie…


I used to say that I was a really good BMXer, but my BMX had broken and as such, I couldn’t do BMX anymore.

(28 I was)


gancio, linea e lavello.


*starts sweating*


delightfully devilish, laelfy


That I had some sort of special tv deal called “Super Sky”. Almost definitely defensiveness over being poor but still giggle at the idea of a marketing team deciding on that name.


I’ve told this loads of times, but once, on a whim, I told a friend at school I had an older brother, Brian Sheeldz, who was five years older than me and had already been through the school. I touched base with this for a few times a year or so for five years, and never did it when anyone else was in earshot who knew the truth.

Fast forward ten years and I bump into this guy in a pub, and we’re no longer friends really. We shoot the shit and he then asks how my older brother is… I just said “Sure, fine” and left it at that. :confused:


in too deep at that point


no, i said steamed naans.


At 13 I lied that I could play guitar to get in a band
Still telling that lie tbf


Maintained for over 10 years that Charlie from Casualty is my dad


Too many to recout without cringing myself inside out. I was an odd kid. What worries me is I grew up with the guy who’ll be my best man next year and I just know he’ll either bring some up to mock me with or refer to some he still thinks are true :sweat::worried:


Used to claim to have seen any film / TV show that people were talking about so I could join in. Became pretty good at being so vague in my comments that they filled in most of the details and I could just agree with them.


When we got back from summer holidays we had to write a story about what we’d done and I wrote the story about how I’d been to a military air show (true) and been allowed to fly a red arrow (not true)

Weirdly, I wasn’t called out on it by the teacher.


Yes and you call them steamed naans despite the fact that they are obviously baked in a tandoor oven.


That I’d found a secret mode in fifa 64 where you could shoot people on the pitch.