Weird or not weird


Having sex with a soundly sleeping toddler in the same room

  • Not weird
  • Brexit loving tory

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Same bed or attached crib

  • Not weird
  • Tory (Remainer)

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Id feel uncomfortable about it


Aslong as it’s not some highly kinky weird shit then Shirley it’s fine


To clarify on answer two - attached crib is fine imho.




Don’t have a partner or any kids so would be a bit weird if I found myself in that situation…

Have answered assuming it’s some alternative reality/future where I do.


Yeah I meant the parents :slight_smile:


it depends on the type of sex.


S’fine, they dont start making memories for ages yet


Yeah, I mean I guess it’s not weird (does seem a bit weird) but it definitely puts me off my game


I’m put off when the cat is watching let alone having a child in the same room.


Clipping your fingernails at your desk. Inspired by the guy sitting next to me right now

  • Yes, weird
  • No, fine

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Not so much weird as a bit on the gross side of office ettiquete.


Having the same jeans on for 4 days

  • Weird
  • Not Weird

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going to a disco in the middle of town

  • not weird
  • fuck off, that’s in my head now

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What irks me is that in the video he wakes up fully clothed. It’s not the jeans, he’s probably got the same grundies on. Doesn’t have the same jeans on later in the video though. Aren’t the Scottish awful?


Scottish people

  • Weird
  • Not weird

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Just keeping all your work emails in your inbox, so you have like 13,836 emails in your inbox

  • Weird
  • No, not weird as I can find everything I need immediately this way

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I find it a bit weird. I can understand the arguments - they won’t realise, they wouldn’t remember even if they woke up etc, but it still makes me uncomfortable.

There was a big Mumsnet thread (I think it was Mumsnet) about something similar - a woman said her husband had been sleeping in the bunk bed of their daughter while she had a cold or something, and she thought he was watching porn and whacking off while she was asleep.


Just to clarify: are you asking in the second question whether it would be weird to have sex whilst a toddler was asleep in an attached crib / bed? Or whether attached cribs / beds are weird per se?