Weird or Not Weird

I don’t know the people involved, they’re friends of my wife’s colleague, but I’ll make up some names to make it easier to describe:

Adam and Ben are 28, and have been good mates since they met at university, 10 years ago. They became such good friends, that Ben would regularly go round to Adam’s house during holidays and over the following years, getting to know his family in the process.

Adam has a younger sister, Clare. Clare is 18 years old. She first met Ben 10 years ago, when she was 8.

Ben and Clare are now dating.

WEIRD or NOT WEIRD? Chat welcome:


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28/2 = 9
9 + 7 = 16
18 > 16


(you can’t argue with maths, mate)


Got well bored after the first line and voted “not weird”.


I’ve done myself.

Please delete this thread. It IS weird


a fully functioning adult male wearing red trousers

  • weird
  • not weird

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well you say that


I don’t know.

If he keeps saying remember when you were 8 then yes for sure.

I don’t know.

Maybe it is. I’d need to meet them to see how it feels when I’m in their company.

Can you arrange this?

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What do her family/his friend think?


link them to the thread

I don’t know, this is like a fourth hand story really.

This isn’t very jazz.

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this is one time I think that things did get a bit more interesting

probably not weird but if it was me i’d feel weird

Same, only I voted “weird”

Correct spelling

  • Claire
  • Clare

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you think he’s just dating her so he can keep coming to christmas dinner


it’s playful, man. s’fine innit

One of my TV’s former youth football team mates is now dating the guy who coached their under 12’s team.

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Apparently red trousers are weird but grooming 12 year olds isn’t for ol’ birdy?