Weird or Unexpected Valentines You Have Recieved

I will also accept stories from other people you know to be true.
Please spill the unusually pricey hallmark tea my friends.

(I have had 1 mystery valentine’s in my entire life, it freaked me out a little).

Its always been like this



You said you wouldn’t mention that again.

I threw a kettle over a pub once

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A not insignificant portion of my job today is getting media campaigns like this sent to me

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Pretty sure nobody has ever received a valentines. Just a thing that happens in films imo

I was given a CD single of U Make Me Wanna by Usher in a Year 8 Maths lesson. I was not ready for or able to cope with that level of raw sexuality and desire at that age and reacted very badly to it (threw it in the bin, presumably in front of the anonymous person who had given it to me)


What was he doing in your school in the first place



Wasn’t true anyway, I am fantastic and Aggpass is a villain

That’s quite an amusing response to be honest, if they weren’t ready for you at your bin they weren’t ready for you at your… not at the bin.


Oh god this reminds me of the time my “girlfriend” in year 7 rang my home phone and my dad answered then was kinda loitering nearby and smirking while I had the most awkward conversation ever.
I ended by saying the phone line was cracking up and I started making scratchy noises ffs


Hello Tone, just FYI we’re trying to avoid using that particular d-word cause it’s ableist. Thank you and having a smashing day.

My apologies

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Hmm, not really had many.

CW: not a nice one/why are men. Once had a card from a former lurker on here saying I was an 8 out of 10, who made a summer of pretending to just be my friend whilst negging me whenever he wanted more and I didn’t, and then serious thread content that I won’t drag the boards down with but was not a welcome valentine anyway.

In 2008 I got a card and three HUGE bunches of flowers, some chocolates, and a marriage proposal. From someone I wasn’t seeing or interested in - who later called me a c*nt for not saying yes.

Just tried to see if I had a photo of the above on my facebook and found that one Valentines’ I got this anonymous message: “Hello my dear. Hey, want to marry a Russian beauty? I want you, my good man. Come to my profile - you’ll get a surprise! You want what would you be good? Come to me.” Which I have to say, is the best of the three.

My good man.


I also saw this come up whilst searching - my lovely best babe rat, Theis, holding a Valentine’s flower <3



Got one posted through the front door when I was 7 or so. Never found out who it was from

At sixth form I got one that was in some kind of school valentines personals thing - a description of me etc cos the person didn’t know me. Found out who it was and we never really had a proper conversation or anything and it just made me feel awkward whenever I saw her after that

Men should be just banned from the internet and outside life altogther tbh


My good man is incredible.

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In 2001 I arrived to my shift at Starbucks and there was a really massive bunch of flowers which had been delivered from a florist behind the counter. I asked who they were for and the manager said they were for me, I was pretty gobsmacked. There was a card where there were a few lines, they didn’t know my name but it was clear they were for me. All the girls who worked there were really jealous. I didn’t know who to thank so I was kinda looking at all the regular customers to try and work out who they were from and we were speculating for weeks. There was an email address on the card but I didn’t have email, or a computer at that point so I had no way of saying thank you. I wrote a little sign which I put on the top of the counter saying thank you but no one came to speak to me. I really wish I knew who had sent them as I did have crushes on several of the regulars.

Anyway. My girlfriend met me after work as we were going straight out for a valentine’s meal, and she saw the flowers and her gave lit up as she thought they were for her. I wasn’t quick witted enough to pretend they were and so I told her the truth. Which she was not overjoyed about.

And that is pretty much the only unexpected/weird valentine’s I’ve had.

I still think a lot about who those flowers were from because they looked expensive.