Weird Places People Go On Holiday






my manager has holidayed in Rotherham and Doncaster :confused:


Sharm el Sheik (NEVER AGAIN)


Someone at work went to Macedonia for 5 days recently.

Also got a pal who’s been to Chernobyl, Myanmar and North Korea. Really fancy Chernobyl and North Korea myself, mind you…


Macedonia’s meant to be lovely.


Liverpool or Rome


I went for a cousins wedding. Not for me, but I can totally see why people would go and enjoy it. So not weird.


Reminds me of one time I was in New York. A local said to me, “Why the hell would you wanna come here?!”


Las Vegas, obviously.


Heard you can stay there maximum 3 days before totally losing any semblance of reality


Yeah I’d love to go to Macedonia. Lake Ohrid looks a proper beaut


I kind of want to go there for one day just to see what’s it’s like, but no more.


Went to North Korea a few years ago. Fascinating, weird and upsetting in equal measure.


This THIS oh god this. I’ve been twice for some reason??? My colleague used to go for 10 day holidays there.


was there for a weekend last year since i was passing through. awful place.


Skopje isn’t great (although their government is currently tossing a billion pounds on adding statues to the city to make it more tourist friendly, a scheme which has resulted in tourist boards written in the Jokerman font) but Ohrid is stunning and has a very rich history, so it’s not weird at all. (Cheap flights from London too now I think?)


Adults who go to theme parks (without children)




Anywhere that you know loads of LADS LADS LADS will be