Weird Places People Go On Holiday


Mallorca (3-8 March 2018)?


My mates dad is currently on a holiday to Antarctica. Looks amazing but definitely a weird place.


Got a stag do in Benalmadena this year :grimacing:


My colleague did that and came back with loads of pictures of him vibing with penguins. He slept out on the ice one night.


Dubai, I would quite like to go for a couple of days to have a mooch around, look at the infrastructure and nice buildings and that. Seems quite an interesting place/concept to look at, even if it is a bit weird.

Las Vegas just seems awful though. Everything about it, the people who go there, all of it awful.


There is no concept of time there whatsoever because nothing closes or shuts down and the casinos / restaurants / anywhere have no natural light. I was once drunk there and went to bed thinking it was 5am, when it was in fact 5pm. I couldn’t wait to get out of there.


Anywhere that’s just a big old megaplaza slapped in the middle of a desert


Oh, Dubai, yeah.




Went on a resort holiday to Lanzarote as a big family holiday that my GF’s parents arranged a couple of years ago. This is pretty much the last thing I would generally choose to do for a holiday, one of the big selling points of the resort was that it did an English breakfast :rofl: I was well cynical about it, but it turned out to be pretty good fun in the end.


Rides are fun though.


A mate went in July just gone to see a mate who works there. Decided to go for a stroll, got a bit lost and seriously thought the heat might kill him. Had to take refuge in a multi-storey carpark and telephone for help.


Came here to post Dubai


Yeah, and the Matka Canyon


Obvs depends on the individual resort, but I think a reasonable holiday at one sometimes is alright. Wouldn’t want to do it for every holiday though.


Las Vegas is great fun for about 12 hours and then unrelentingly bleak from then on. Can probably stretch that out to 36 hours if you have a bottomless bank account. I enjoyed the novelty of staying in a hotel shaped like a pyramid and getting free drinks for looking like I was gambling


another vote for Dubai cool water. Been to the airpoirt loads of times, never once thought to myself I would ever want to venture outside for leisure reasons.


Yeah I’ve heard that free drinks thing being pretty vital




Reckon I would hate it, but would like a look at the Burj Khalifa, and to be able to be snotty about the place with some actual knowledge.

That said, a colleague is going next week, and whilst I am against it, I look outside at the meh weather and the thought of sitting by any pool in the sun doesn’t feel disastrous.