Weird Places People Go On Holiday


Love Swtizerland!

That said, we had a night there last year, three of us went to a little café for a pizza and some wine. £90. Oh and one of us was a 5 year old.


Yeah Switzerland is pretty great bar the ridiculous prices.


Shouldn’t have let the kid choose the wine. Rookie mistake.


Mountains and lakes and shit. Pretty beautiful


What can I say, she knows her Sancerre from her Riesling.


I know people that have gone to Egypt and Mexico and not left their hotel compound. Makes me sick.





Bit weird to travel for fucking ages to a place just like the UK but hotter and with more poisonous animals and extra racism


And Theo.





A friend of mine moved to Las Vegas last year. Absolutely bizarre decision.


Remember someone telling be once that her mother used to do those mystery coach tour things. Ended up in Folkestone once.


Not for me, Clive.


Chernobyl (technically it’s the town of Pripyat that is next to the power plant) is fascinating. Went there 3 years ago and I would recommend it to anyone. Plus it’s close to Kiev, which is a really cool city.


Go there every so often to visit a girl in Zurich, which admittedly is a pretty hip city - art, music, food etc - but I sort of know what you mean. It’s a very sterile country. Very clear, not a lot of history or culture. Ridiculously expensive too.


I’ve not been, but a friend of mine (whose gf is Ukrainian) has, and said it was really fascinating. Seems a little, well, morbid, though?


To me the weirdest places to go on holiday are the places that are pretty much England on sea - Benidorm, Lanzarote etc I just don’t understand the appeal. To me it’s an aversion to foreign culture that people would fly thousands of miles and still eat fish and chips and read The Sun. No exploration at all.


No more so than visiting Pompeii.

Personally I’d rather visit Pripyat than Pompeii. Pompeii is breathtakingly amazing but you have to share that experience with a million others. Pripyat you share with a dozen others. It’s fantastic. I didn’t find it morbid at all. There’s a bizarre feel to the place - the school especially - but it’s such a cool experience. It’s a time capsule. It’s forever The Soviet Union 1986.


Fair enough. It does sound properly interesting to be honest.


Quite. Also people who go on holiday every year (wherever it is) to exactly the same place. There’s many places I’ve been that I’ve wanted to go back to, or have gone back to, but going there every year seems like you’re restricting yourself far, far too much.