Weird Places People Go On Holiday




Owen Farrell agrees with you.


Gambia - apparently a resort holiday destination for oblivious white people from the south of England.

AND M&Ms world. Saw someone in Leicester Square once pushing a pram filled up with M&Ms soft toys and other paraphernalia (there was no baby to be seen).


Anyone said Australia yet?


The UAE and surrounding places are 100% Tory. What do you really go on holiday for? Pints, a bit of nice weather but not to the extent you struggle to walk a few metres, historical scenery, maybe get laid if you’re single, a bit of local culture, etc. None of the above, and twice as expensive as most other places. I’d honestly rather go to fucking Cornwall.


Australia. Literally the UK but hot.


I’m off to Vegas for a week in June, but it’s for work so it’s ok :+1:


weird place (to) GO AWAY


My dad went to Dubai before Christmas. Said he wandered around the city and thought it was crap, just a big building site with shopping centres and big towers he isn’t interested in. So then he got himself down to the old town, spend 5 days lounging around eating the food, looking at old buildings, looking at boats, said it was a bloody great time. When he got back and was telling me about it he starting blasting out the call to prayer from his tablet really loud and going on about how he’d never heard it before and didn’t know what it was and thought it was mint, which was a bit weird while it was pumping out of tinny little speakers in his kitchen. He’s got a taste for it now and is talking about going round a load more Arab countries and looking at historical sites when he retires.

(the purpose of this post is to say that I would previously have said Dubai, but my dad seemed to get a good holiday out of it, so I’ve changed my tune, not calling my dad a weirdo for having an interest in the old town)




Vegas has a horrible hellish bleakness that I quite enjoy for about 48 hours of constant drinking, taking drinks between bars and taking up smoking just to do it inside. Never done any gambling there that wasn’t for free booze though.


Worst two hangovers I’ve ever had have been in Vegas. There is something about that incessant fruit machine noise, and no plants or trees anywhere that will do it to a dude.


wasn’t aware of dark tourism till i saw Dom Joly on Loose Women when he was promoting his book and tour about it

sounded well interesting to me

fuck going to dubai tho, seriously


I don’t think people going to these places is weird. Benidorm is like the hoi polloi holiday holy grail of guaranteed sunshine and a beach but with pubs serving full englishes and very few foreigners.


Went to Chichester for a week a years back. Had a great time.


Went to Chernobyl and Eurovision on the same day last year, quite the contrast. It was incredible though, eerie as fuck.


It’s guaranteed sun, innit?




Massive prawns though


Going to Lanzarote later this year. If you want to go from the UK and sit on a beach with guaranteed warmth somewhere in November for a week then the Canaries are probably your best option. If you want to go to an elegant place for a bit of culture, it’s probably your worst option.

I’ve been to Benidorm and, there’s no two ways about it, it’s fucking horrific. However there’s some reasonably nice places nearby in fairness but I don’t know why you wouldn’t just go somewhere similar that isn’t anywhere near Benidorm. Landing at Alicante airport in peak summer is a strange experience for sure.