Weird post

Last night at 23.30 heard the letter box go so went downstairs to see what had been posted
It was an open envelope addressed FAO someone I’ve never heard of (just name, no address) containing a USB stick. Freaked my nut right out!!

Obviously not plugged it in, I’ve seen enough films not to fall for that one.
Dunno what to do tbh

Plug it in on someone else’s work computer.


Was contemplating the library

How dare you!!!


Can we get a ‘stick-pic’? See if there are any visible clues?



It’s at home. It is pink

It’s an OUTRAGE this wasn’t the first reply.

I mean I’ve half a mind to just delete the posts above this to restore balance to the thread.

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Full name? You could Google the name

Alright marckee.

Gonna do that when I get home. Can’t remember the name.
If they look a bit noncey do I take it to the police

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Clearly for someone else. If you’ve got their full name and it’s vaguely unusual I’d do the usual checking on LinkedIn, FB and Twitter to see if you can find them. I’ve done that before without our block to get misadressed letters back to the right person (due to restrictions on the security doors, you can’t just repost them).

Otherwise, just boot it up and see if there’s a better detail in order to find them I reckon.

This has done me

Genuinely think I might be framed for the NHS hack if I plug it in.
Don’t you watch films?

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Just plug it in, I bet it’s something dull like estate agents doing a spot of guerrilla marketing.

I think unless you’re living in a Jerry Bruckheimer film then it’s going to be entirely @safebruv

take it to a cyber cafe

lol cyber

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Viral marketing for the new Nine Inch Nails album takes an unexpected turn

A pink USB stick delivered in the middle of the night…cwbaft!

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