weird product shortages you've noticed lately

anything you’ve been surprised to see out of stock for quite a while, stupid supply chain eh

local (large) Tesco were out of both their basic and Finest cocoa powder until mid-Feb. Hardly an essential item but also wouldn’t expect it to be so hard to get hold of again

greek yoghurt round here for a few months now. assumed it was a supply thing but maybe all the supermarkets have decided they don’t sell enough?




Oh, and cat food.

Never available in the online shop, but always seems to be on the shelves if you go in somewhere, so :person_shrugging:

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Might have been the New Year self-improvement rush, but the electric toothbrush I ordered was out of stock and replaced with a different colour twice.

Been struggling to get ahold of Ting and edamame from local tezzers

What am I supposed to survive off now? Bracing for a full on Last of Us style situation


Dried lasagne sheets - nowhere to be seen in four shops yesterday

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Bombay mix is the one I care about the most that has gone missing at the Asda by me for a while now.

Struggled with chicken thighs last week, tried 4 supermarkets but all empty, and low on chicken in general.

cheap soda water

I think it’s basically gone now, CO2 got too expensive and transporting it would be a big part of the price anyway so double whammy

Struggled to find soda crystals lately

I can’t get no Tang around here


Large brown onions. Can’t seem to find any round here, small ones, fine. Large ones, no go.

I live on Greek yoghurt, so I have also experienced this and been very troubled by it.

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The biscuit aisle in general has looked really sparse the last few times I’ve been in Sainsbo’s. Think they’ve stopped doing loads of the own brand ones as well

I’ve been known to buy a pack of their own-brand fig rolls to have with my coffee at work - they disappeared for about a year but seem to have returned in the past few weeks.

Can’t get these any more. Turns out it’s a regulatory thing and they can’t legally pass for “food” in the UK and Europe.



This is a big miss, occasionally check twitter to see if there is any news of return. No rival products come close to it.

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Are you kidding me?
I love those!!! :sob::sob::sob::sob: