weird product shortages you've noticed lately

Idiot country

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My local Aldi really struggling with eggs at the moment.

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That’s the case all over the place. It seems to mostly be down to bird flu, apparently.

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green rightguard for some reason :man_shrugging: am i supposed to just work out some other deodorant i like??

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Yeah had this subbed in the shopping a couple of times lately

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There’s no basmati rice in the local Sainsbury’s

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Also noticed a basmati rice shortage in a few different supermarkets in Dublin

(eventually got some in Lidl)

Clipper tea (my favourite) was never there when I needed bags for a few months

Saw a lone couple of boxes on the shelf the other week and grabbed them both

Cholula - similar issues

Still can’t get Pepto Bismol

Woah! Wondered why they’d replaced them at the King Billy

Tell you what there hasn’t been a shortage of; great threads


Sparkling lime and lemon water at asda, getting mine at tesco but it tastes bad. Only the still shite in asda or flavours i hate

Oh fuck no, we normally have 3 or 4 bottles in the house, haven’t needed to restock in a while

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Sainos tend to either have a load or none for ages (and only the basic one these days) - I just tend to get about 3 bottles when they have some. Can get it from more specialist shops but pricey

The asian supermarket here does Valentina which is nice as well but it’s just a bit awkward to get there. Nothing beats the Cho’!

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Veg oil was scarce for ages but it seems back to normal now.

Just generally an all round shitter experience going to the supermarket since brexit. Thanks Boris, you fucking dick.


Our Tesco never has lettuce.

Maybe lots of rabbits in Glossop


Still get bigguns in my local Lidl.

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Black bin bags-have to keep going to Co-op as Sainsbury’s never have them. Also at Sainsbury’s, Mars Bars and wood pellet cat litter. Spices- I order garlic and get ginger as a substitute or vice versa (delicious gingery lasagne!)

Red velvet cake

Been to 4 shops tonight and none had one

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