weird product shortages you've noticed lately

Sugar-free Polos disappeared for a while 'round my way; I assume it was the same for everyone because now they’re back but the multi-pack tubes are significantly smaller and the mints themselves feel really plastic-y in the mouth. Very disappointed.

Why the ever living fuck can’t pretzel pieces pass as food? What possible bar can there be that, i don’t know, a big mac can clear but not these delicious bad boys???


Eggy peggies

Not sure but looks like they changed the recipe and this is what caused it.

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Huh. Wonder what’s in the new receipe? Really odd. Used to be my absolute favourite snack those things :frowning:

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Asda was out of bananas this morning.

gwen stefani bananas GIF

Yeah they’ve put something in there you can’t legally put in food here I bet


Smh these are legit some of my favourite snacks the jalapeno flavour got me through lockdown.

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polystyrene i heard

I thought the whole point of brexit was to be able to eat deliciously poisonous American food.