Weird stuff random people have said to you

This is a thread for weird and mildly (but not overtly) creepy stuff people have said to you in the street. Stuff that people should probably have just kept in their heads and probably cringed afterwards.

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Think I’ve possibly posted both of these before but:

  1. In a supermarket, man comes up to me and says ‘I often see you here at the same time every afternoon’

  2. The man at Tebay petrol station who asked if I’d enjoyed my fish and chips because he’d been watching me eat.


Also feel free to add weird stuff you’ve said to people and then cringed forevermore

Went on a date once to this museum in Edinburgh that was full of old musical instruments. To be honest the whole thing was a bit weird - security guard made me check my bag but not my date, nobody else at all was there, we found a room set up for a big event/reception but, again, not a soul there.

Anyway, on the way out the security guard (same one) bid us farewell with a “better luck next time!”, for no reason I have ever understood.


Maybe 15 years ago I was sitting on the dock where the HMS Victory is and some guy came over and started calling me Harry Belafonte (non threateningly) which still puzzles me now.


The guy who works on reception/security for the building told me he had, had a dream about me (after I’d been working in this building for about a month) and asked me to tell him why he had been dreaming about me.
Errr cos you see me every day? I dunno, pal.


I had number 2 happen to me in a beer garden in Bradford and then his whole family came and sat with me and we talked about all sorts. Was nice that time though.

are you sure it wasn’t a secret cinema “kubrick” event?

Must have been awkward sitting there in your own shit.


The good people of Bradford don’t give a hoot if you do a poo on yourself in a pub



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Was working as a bus driver once and some absolute knobhead gets on the bus and instead of telling me where he’s going exclaims “bus, please!”


Did you reply ‘well you’re in luck!’


There’s a couple who me and @Avery often see in Tesco or sometimes on the main road off the road we live, if either of us see them when we’re out and about on our own, we’ll inform the other “I saw our mates earlier!” not sure if they even know we exist but now if we see them in the same aisle as us we get all embarrassed and try to hide.

Does anyone else have mates who they don’t know but see in the same places all the time?

  • Yeah, this is a thing.
  • What you on about, weirdo

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I bet they post on the music forum

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I think the guys mates with our mate Pete.

This guy. Wonder what he’s doing now.


Seen them in Oaky a few times too.

Think they’ve been avoiding us, tbh. not even seen them in a while.

Spent a good 15 minutes talking to someone on Saturday who just wasn’t the person I thought it was, and they’d gone along with it for about 3 conversations worth of stuff :+1: