🦐 🚽 Weird stuff you get advertised that isn't from Wish 🌝 🥨

:joy: set myself up for that really.

I’m convinced!

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Did numerous search variations for Opeepl, but there was nothing doing, as far as I could tell, aside from their glossy jargonnageddon nothingness of a home page.

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Tbh I’m assuming the consumer group they asked about how often they purchased hot dogs was probably some sort of hot dog lovers club.


This is all @jordan_229’s fault.


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Wtf is British street food cuisine?

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Pack of scampi fries


Did you see my related post a few days ago about teacakes?


Fish and chip van

Mr Whippy 99

Why if they’re branding themselves as “Americana” and " the American Way", are they using the decidedly non-American term “fortnight”?

Absolute shambles.

?? Do americans not say fortnight??

First easter eggs, then flying ants, now this

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Nope, they really don’t.

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Fort not.

People question it. But they haven’t fourteen nuff about it.

Is the computer game Fortnite not American then? I just figured it was.

It is but I think it’s all about building a fort… It’s not in common use in the states as meaning 2 weeks. Think it’s a bit archaic like “se’enight” for week is here.

The internet says it’s from fortnight because apparently the original iteration required you survive 14 days.

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Today, Amazon thinks I’d like the classic combo of a chorus pedal and vinegar.


For playing acid jazz?


@The_Respected_User Community Gold?!