🦐 🚽 Weird stuff you get advertised that isn't from Wish 🌝 🥨

Okay Facebook, I’m not sure what this is all about


(Binned them off as ‘irrelevant’ as per.)


Horrible bitmoji personalised books to disappoint your partner with

I mean as well as being probably the most aesthetically hideous garments I’ve ever seen, very


That kind of knight artwork is associated with neo-nazis, so yeah…

I clicked through to the website out of morbid curiosity and Jesus it’s bad. So many angry, angry slogans.

The dictionary has news for these guys…



:joy: Superb

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“the Royal Navy ended the slave trade” I stabbed someone then took them to hospital so I’m a hero

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Whoever made that graphic should also get their copy of MS Paint taken away from them.

Saw this on Insta from one of those dodgy online clothing stores and thought hey, that’s actually quite an interesting design, could be great on train journeys for blocking things out

So googled to see if it was a thing I could get a quality version of

And turns out I should definitely not have used that search term

Really hope I don’t disappear / get murdered soon :grimacing:

I mean you definitely could block out the world on a train using a gimp hood…

Would probably discourage strangers from sitting with you. I’m not sure how comfortable all the latex would be though.


Same. Quite nice cacks, but no way I’m dropping £120 a year on grundies.

They have a goth edition here

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Honestly tempted with the plain black one :rofl:

Feel this sums up my two main moods quite well



They’re magic! But I’m not sure they’re for me.

I keep seeing this advert and every time, for a second, I think it’s an old potato

Well now I want a fancy doughnut!

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