Weird things you did as a child (2)

Following on the childhood theme - what completely weird things did you do as a child, that make you cringe thinking about it now?

For some reason (around age 10) I didn’t like the rolls my mum made me for lunch. Instead of chucking them in a bin like a normal person I’d lob them out my bedroom window to the outside of our garden on a bit of communal grass. They’d get mostly hidden by all the leaves and cut grass. Eventually my dad noticed lots of rubbish and investigated it, finding several weeks worth of mouldy packed lunches. :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:


Apparently the thread title was already taken which means we’ve done this thread already. I’m off to see if I told the exact same anecdote.

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Just remembered @SenorDingDong’s post from the original of this thread and it’s made me very happy.

As I said in the last thread, a lot of building up fantasy sports worlds and keeping notes of what was going on.

I remember desperately wanting to play with dolls but ‘knowing’ it was wrong to do so, so I’d play with felt tip pens and give them each character traits and names and such, and my imagination would fill in the rest. This seems really really tragic now I’m writing it out.


Used to write ‘plays’ for me and my friends to act out at school. Took up whole drama lessons focusing on my latest opus- some of which involved singing.

Def did something similar with food too although can’t remember what.

Talked to insects.

Read books while walking.

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I was scared of ghosts and wouldn’t like to go out onto the landing to reach the bathroom at night because I was convinced ghosts would get me.

So if I needed a wee in the night I’d piss directly into my thick Rupert the Bear annual, and the pages would soak up the piss. They were very crinkly of course, but it did the job. 28 years old I was etc.

Quite sure I’ve posted this before so sorry if I’ve made you think about me pissing into a book twice.


Used to go round singing ‘only joking! only joking! only! joking!’


‘No I’m not, I’m insert full name here

Preeeeeetty funny.


Used to masturbate under the desk at school when I was 8. Definitely wasn’t subtle in any way, I really hope my teacher never told my parents.


Woah. Poor Rupert.

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My parents tried to avoid swearing around me so I think one of them said ‘defecate’ instead of shit and I overheard and said ‘no, it’s D for dog, it’s K for kate’

Used to sleep with my arms in between two layers of blankets so the robbers wouldn’t be able to find them and tie me up :woman_shrugging:


meh, he’s a Tory

Used to persuade my mum to take me on “bus days”, where we’d buy an all day bus ticket and get buses to all the bits of town I’d never seen before (which were all, without fail, boring suburbs). Looking back I can’t quite believe she agreed to that.


That’s quite nice and not weird


Was that my safety goggles one?

Yes! I couldn’t actually remember the headgear in question.

me & my mate John used to make up parody lyrics to popular chart songs and then they would become popular in the playground and on the school bus and when we caught other kids singing them we’d tell them they had to stop singing them because we owned the copyright. We even typed out a strongly worded Cease-&-Desist letter and put it in Dan’s drawer because he wouldn’t stop singing one of our songs and was passing it off as his own.

9 years old we were


Used to kiss the photo of Jet from my Gladiators annual

that’s not that weird though right?


I don’t know, I was really, REALLY into buses.


Really odd, don’t know why nobody intervened