Weird things you did as a child (2)

Sat on the sofa facing the back of the sofa

An absolute trailblazer for smartphone users :+1:


We used to call up an insurance company with a freephone number and ask to speak to their mascot (an owl). Got many patient people in call centres telling us he was in a meeting.


Yes that’s definitely what 10 year old me was thinking :slightly_smiling_face:. Think it was more along the lines of ‘I’m too shy to talk to this boy so I’ll send him tampons instead’ :joy::joy::joy:

Used to pretend I had my own TV channel (Jack TV, obviously) and would write out full listings for the next week.

9am: Saved by the Bell
9.30am: Fresh Prince
10am: Football Italia



Hmmm. There must be loads. I was such a little weirdo.
Remember being Hansel in the school play (year 5) and taking it far too seriously and insisting that everyone in my family called me Hansel instead of my name, and I’d constantly wear the fishing hat part of my costume. Got a pic actually

Would put on my mum’s high heels and wear her handbag and trot about the garden being, in hindsight, ridiculously camp and like a caricature of what I thought adult women were like.

I’m an only child so would harass animals like frogs and newts and chase sheep and do dances to attract cows (that one does work tbf) and be utterly DEVASTATED when they didn’t want to be best friends with me. Many hours spent sat by fields having a sob, which only pushed them away more. Still haven’t grown out of that though


Would watch.

Like that :+1:

Used to make football magazines sometimes with puzzles, made up interviews and drawings of players.

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That photo :joy:

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@Scunner POTW/M/Y please

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was fascinated with my own death and used to be afraid to be near electricity in case I felt like poking something metal into a plug socket. Also was scared of cables in case I chewed through them and killed myself.

Used to play a little game where I’d say “if I can’t run to this spot and back in 3 seconds then I damn my soul to eternal hell” stuff like that

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you say that but I can tell you that the Tampax instruction leaflet that could always be found in the bathroom was the closest thing to porn for a little lad of 9/10/11

pic 3

We used to have a sofa with loads of little tassels along the bottom and I managed to idly pull out, chew up and spit every single one of them around the living room. My dad jokes to this day that I once ate an entire sofa.




We lived not too far from a golf course when I was little, so I decided to launch my own golf ball start-up and set up a little table by our front gate so that I could sell them to passers-by.

If I’d had a proper R&D department behind me at that age I’m sure someone would have pointed out that wet toilet tissue rolled up into balls and left to dry overnight doesn’t really conform to R&A or USGA golf ball standards. :frowning:


Amazing! That totally trumps my turning rose petals into ‘perfume’ and trying to sell it.

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Me and my best friend used to prank call this bloke on (local area code) 477777 and shout “OOBLE!” at him. No idea why. We called him Mr Ooble. Would phone him at Christmas and wish him a merry Christmas. He was very good-natured about it all.


Love that one, really really love it

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There used to be a boy who’d always be on the bus from our village to town, always chatting to whichever driver it was.

Years later, I caught the bus from the village and… the boy (now an adult) was driving the bus!! His dream fulfilled! Nearly burst in to tears in front of him at the holistic beauty of it all.