Weird things you did as a child (2)

Just hope you didn’t get your Gladiators Annual & your Rupert Annual mixed up


Oh man I did this. Created whole divisions worth of made up football teams, played out their seasons over miles of paper. I was a sitting duck when Ant’s mob came along tbh.

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weirdly these days i’d much rather kiss Rupert and p- ABANDON POST


Set myself weird challenges like seeing if I could walk the length of a street or travel X bus stops or something whilst holding my breath.

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This one is definitely weird… you used to be able to cut out a coupon from the likes of Just 17 magazine and send off for a free sample of Tampax. My friends and I would send off for them but use the address of boys we fancied. That’s psychologist worthy behaviour right there, I can’t fathom why we did that.


Went through a period of doing ‘double thumbs up’ in every photo though I guess that was fairly normal at the time

probably the equivalent of dabbing or flossing or whatever these days

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Used to write to Subbuteo with drawings of football kits I wanted them to produce figures of.


Did they ever write back?

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Used to play football endlessly in our back garden and commentate to myself, play out fixtures etc. Sometimes when I got tired I used to take a little break and commentate that there was a fight or something involving other players and I was just looking on in disgust.


depends, had you given it the rupert treatment first…?

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I think I got some kind of generic thing back with a Subbuteo catalogue enclosed. Was just exciting to get post really.

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it’s like you were posting rudimentary anatomical instructions and priming future boyfriends in menstruation 101

you were performing a service to mankind

An absolute trailblazer for smartphone users :+1:


We used to call up an insurance company with a freephone number and ask to speak to their mascot (an owl). Got many patient people in call centres telling us he was in a meeting.


Yes that’s definitely what 10 year old me was thinking :slightly_smiling_face:. Think it was more along the lines of ‘I’m too shy to talk to this boy so I’ll send him tampons instead’ :joy::joy::joy:

Used to pretend I had my own TV channel (Jack TV, obviously) and would write out full listings for the next week.

9am: Saved by the Bell
9.30am: Fresh Prince
10am: Football Italia



Would watch.

Like that :+1:

Used to make football magazines sometimes with puzzles, made up interviews and drawings of players.

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That photo :joy:

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