Weird things you own


I own a metal gun cabinet. Fixed to the wall in the attic.


Do you even own a gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack?


Oooh, look at Johnny Homeowner over here, with his attic and his walls.


It’s basically this, so more of a safe,imo than a cabinet, but what do i know!!1


and no I donnnnnnnntttttt own a gun, no I donnnnnnnnnnntttttttttt own a gunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. But I feel I’m halfway there, you know, so…


got a blowgun


Um… where do I begin?


an accordion…can’t play it but it looks cool!

a head-scratcher thing which is weirdly pleasurable to use.

a stupid zelda sword statue thing cos I had to buy the limited edition version of breath of the wild because I needed it on launch day as I a massive baby.

think that’s about it



that’s just upsetting


The squirrels love it!


why do horses need such long faces?

like really they could look like this and lose nothing surely


weird fuckers!


So that pub joke works.





With the weird things you own


Obama: “Back in the 90s weren’t you in a very famous TV show?”




Encourages kids to lie to customs officers. Makes me think of some kind of imaginary Father Ted episode where it’s raining and they have a choice of playing this or Trivial Pursuit:Papal Edition, and after extensive play it turns out Dougal is incapable of understanding the concept of bluffing.


I used to have this, which I found in the street. Eventually the woven edge fell off.


A Star Wars passport.

I also found my collection of rubbers (erasers) and badges with this.